Reavailable at long last, Dieter Roth’s live piano performance at the Stuttgart Broadcasting Studio from 1976. This 45 minute performance is virtuoso extraganza - not only of Roth’s own improvised music, but of his jokes, moans, belches, breathing, a creaking chair - and not least of knocking back cans of beer and most of a bottle of Teacher’s scotch! Forty-five minutes of showing off and killing time in a way only Dieter Roth could have done. The CD comes in an A5 booklet complete with all of Roth’s texts in both English and German on this glorious event, a complete discography of the artist, and other documents. A must for all fans of Dieter Roth, for all his enemies, for anyone who thinks Broken Music is dull or austere. Order through www.boekiewoekie.com.